Welcome!  I am glad you stopped by to visit.  This website was created to provide delicious recipes and healthy living tips.  It is here that I communicate and motivate individuals to eat right, reduce stress and get moving. 

Meet the Creator

I'm Pamela DeSalvo - Entrepreneur, wife, mom and health and wellness coach with a type "A" personality.

​I get it.  Getting to and maintaining our health is hard. As a busy professional working in international business I need easy healthy recipes and real world strategies that work. I have found some simple solutions that I have implemented in my life and I know you can do it too. 

​I have a full time career, an awesome 10 year old son and a successful busy husband that I am still deeply in love with after 15 years. In spite of the crazy schedule, I still find time to share my passion with the world. 

This is me in 2006. Yes, I just had my son three months prior and was carrying a bit of extra leftover "pregnancy weight". Who was I trying to kid, I made poor lifestyle choices and I ended up tired, achy, bloated and overweight! I thought it was "normal" and just a part of the "aging process".

I avoided cameras, and felt disgusting. I really wasn't happy in my skin. I wanted and needed to be a good example for my son. I wanted to look good but most importantly I wanted to be healthy and happy again. I ​became determined. I studied, and earned five certificates in the areas of nutrition, fitness and yoga from 3 different world recognized institutions.

I worked hard and implemented scientifically proven techniques into my daily life. It took time....it took patience....it took making a conscious decisions every moment of every day. ​

Today not only am I 32 pounds lighter but I am now the healthiest and happiest I have ever been in my entire life

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"

~ Jim Rohn

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