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Have you struggled to lose weight and keep it off? Do you feel tired and worn down? Do you know you should exercise but aren't quite sure where to start? 

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I know first-hand how hard it is to lose weight and stay on track. Five years ago, I felt tired, bloated and I was 30 pounds overweight! I was unhappy in my in my own body. Then something inside of me changed. I decided to make a commitment to succeed. I studied, and read all the research. I took it one step at a time until I transformed my life. If I can do it then you can too! Together, let's discover what is holding you back and design a plan to help you lose weight, gain energy, and feel great again."

Pamela DeSalvo

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Jeanne M.

​I reached out to Pamela when I decided that I wanted to change the way I looked and felt. I was tired when I woke up, wasn't focused during the day and found myself eating for necessity rather than enjoyment.

As a result of working with Pamela to make small sustainable changes,  and I have lost weight, have more energy, manage my stress better and make educated, healthy and enjoyable food and meal decisions.  Pamela's support helped keep me on track and actually enjoy the process and my resulting transformation."

Collette H.

After having my second baby within 2 years, I have been looking to make some lifestyle changes to get my health and body back on track for me and my family. I knew I needed help and guidance to make sure I was headed in the right direction. I met with Pamela and she took time to listen to me and understand my schedule and opportunities since I am a mother of two children under two and a business owner. We discussed my goals and she taught me how to make a plan of action that will work for me. Pamela continues to inspire and motivate me on my journey. I have very much so enjoyed working with Pamela. She is extremely kind, knowledgeable, passionate and fun!"

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