No matter what type of diet you follow we have the recipes for the foods you crave. Flexitarian is our policy.

We don't judge.

Flexitarian - The latest label for a diet that is made up of primarily fruits and veggies and includes the occassional meat and fish. 

What you choose to put into your body will contribute 80% to reaching your health goals.

 I have included some quick and easy recipes to inspire you on your journey. 

Dinner – Fresh from the Garden
It was a beautiful afternoon yesterday here in the Midwest.  I had the opportunity to work on my garden and[...]
Breakfast on the Run
My favorite thing to grab in the morning when I am pressed for time is a cereal bar.  I am[...]
Vegan Black Bean Flautas
I have been sick lately and very uninspired.  This is one of my "fall back" recipes when I am hungry[...]
Mushroom Chili with Beans
When the wind begins to howl and the temperature drops I begin to long for comfort foods like a nice[...]
Portabella Burger with Truffle Aioli
This recipe is one of my personal favorites.  It is reserved for special occasions and is definitely a guilty pleasure.[...]
Sushi Rolls
I love sushi.  It is something that is very economical to make at home and fun too.   With a[...]
I love sandwiches – Veggie Sandwich on Whole Wheat
So we picked up a new bread maker and I am so excited.  I really love to eat bread but[...]
Mid Summer Sunday Dinner
Summer tomatoes are the best.  I always look forward to this time of the year as we pick fresh tomatoes[...]